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The Good Conversation

The House of LR&C, a public benefit corporation founded by Ciara, Russell Wilson and Christine Day, was built to democratize retail and redefine the way the fashion industry works, to make it inclusive, community-led and, above all, to create large scale positive change.

They sought to document the perspectives of their leadership for the benefit of current and prospective members of the House, and called upon Authentic Avenue to bring them together in a content series affectionately named The Good Conversation.

new logo 02012021.jpeg

Through this new podcast, they share their story as transparently as possible. 

Listen along as they unite Sustainability, Brand, Design, and Community through the perspectives of leaders, creators, heroes and more.

As you listen, you’ll explore how Loving Powerfully and Moving Purposefully is bigger than a brand because no matter our gender, race, size or socio-economic status, we all want to do good.​

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Here's what the team had to say about the project:


  • As we onboard new team members we can utilize this for them to really get to know our leadership team as they may not have much opportunity to work with all them closely, especially during a very remote time

  • We also will share with some candidates who really want to know who is part of building our foundation, mission and values

  • We are excited to have our community see who the people are within the House to their core.


Listen to the House's catalog of perspective below:

Could a series like The Good Conversation aid in the recruiting and onboarding process for your brand?

Authentic Avenue, a full service social media content production firm and digital marketing agency, based in Cranberry PA and proudly serving Pittsburgh and beyond, is here to help.

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