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The Future of Fandom

LiveLike, an audience engagement platform that transforms online customers into engaged fans through customized, interactive experiences, sought to reimagine the word "fandom" in the context of next-gen consumers.

LiveLike tapped Authentic Avenue to build a content series to pursue this exploration, and document perspectives from chief brand and digital executives across sports, media, finance, education, and eCommerce.

Podcast coversmall-03 (2).jpg

The Future of Fandom, a podcast fulfilling that pursuit, launched in late 2021.

Authentic Avenue serves as the full service production resource for the series, serving in a brand advisory capacity as well as booking guests, hosting interviews, and managing all post production and publication efforts.

As a result of The Future of Fandom, LiveLike has built broad industry rapport across a number of categories, companies and colleagues, all rooted in jointly discussing and discovering what "fandom" truly means in this day and age.

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The content now sits at the center of their community-building exercises, and serves as a solid foundation for commercial conversation.

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Listen to the chief executives with whom LiveLike has built rapport below:

How could a community-centric content effort like The Future of Fandom serve as a base for your commercial pursuits?

Authentic Avenue, a full service social media content production firm and digital marketing agency, based in Cranberry PA and proudly serving Pittsburgh and beyond, is here to help.

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