• Adam Conner

PLBY | Rachel Webber: Bringing Flagship Sexual Expression from Heritage to the NFT Age

This is the Authentic Avenue podcast episode featuring Dana Marineau, Chief Marketing Officer of Rakuten, with host Adam Conner.

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Today: how a flagship name in sexual wellness and creative expression has evolved from its heritage to its NFT age.

It's PLBY Group, which you'll know from its flagship brand Playboy. Rachel Webber is their Chief Brand & Strategy Officer, who joined the group two years ago from NatGeo following years in mass media, consumer tech, and other brands.

Today we discuss a number of things, like:

  • Rachel's story of joining the brand, and what she's learned along the journey from big media to consumer tech to brands.

  • The certain stories along Rachel's path which come to mind which inform how she thinks about being her Authentic Rachel, plus what the word itself means

  • What is PLBY about today? What does it stand for?

  • How PLBY operationalizes authenticity, particularly via creative conversations

  • PBLY and NFTs. Does the blockchain = structural authentic foundation?

  • Advice, including the importance of a personal Board of Directors



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