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Pet Plate | Renaldo Webb and Gertrude Allen: Vetted by Vets

The theme for today is Old Dog…New Branding. Tricks. Well. maybe both. You get the idea. Onward with today’s Authentic Avenue.

Pet Plate: carefully-crafted canine cuisine vetted by vets.

Today, you’ll meet founder Renaldo Webb and CEO Gertrude Allen. You’ll learn about how Renaldo’s frustrating findings within food factories forced him to this founding, and how Gertrude has stewarded the brand forward since her joining, which includes a brand refresh which just launched this week.

I think you’ll find that, despite the positive strides Pet Plate and others have made in this space, there’s still a lot of room for future improvement broadly in the industry.

As for the present, I hope you enjoy as I get real with Pet Plate through Renaldo Webb and Gertrude Allen.

Check out Pet Plate's new look: https://www.petplate.com/.


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