• Adam Conner

OkCupid | Melissa Hobley: How to Actually Communicate Well

This is the Authentic Avenue podcast episode featuring Dana Marineau, Chief Marketing Officer of Rakuten, with host Adam Conner.

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Today my conversation is with someone who I think is one of the better communicators among marketers that I've ever chatted with.

Melissa Hobley is Global CMO of OkCupid (part of Match Group), and shares hers perspective on effective communication on today's show. I found this particularly interesting because a surprising percentage of my guests are...let's say, just OK at having a conversation. Totally fine, but not like "no wonder you're leading this multi-billion org" level. I think Melissa has that X factor.

We also talk briefly about things like how dating is evolving in 2021, public speaking as a skill and (as always) advice on how to carve your own avenues to authenticity.



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