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New Balance | Chris Davis: Radically Agile, Fearlessly Independent

Today I have a podcast with one of my favorite guests, SOLEly based on how genuine the chat is.

Seriously. You'd be surprised how many times I have conversations on this podcast that are super rehearsed and guardrailed. It's an unfortunate part of the game.

So, consider today a fortunate edition of Authentic Avenue.

My conversation is with Chris Davis, who serves as Chief Marketing Officer of New Balance. Chris has been with the brand for 10 years, and is a familiar voice to those who listened to my podcasts pre-AA. In that time, New Balance has elevated far, far beyond any dad-shoe meme: they're a top-3 global athleticwear powerhouse.

You might be surprised then, to hear Chris talk about being a challenger brand.

It's not the first term you'd sooner hear from a startup which Chris uses to describe the business. Phrases like radically agile or fearlessly independent typically aren't associated with multi-billion dollar businesses. Thankfully for Chris, his team embodies these values -- and have benefited massively from it.

We talk more about that today, as it encapsulates what authenticity is for Chris and New Balance. What I found particularly interesting was the piece of the conversation on elevating their partners' voices and stories rather than speaking, as a brand, through them. I don't hear that take often. I think you'll find it interesting too.



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