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Kinship | Leonid Sudakov: The Intersection of Humanity and Care

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How do you enhance humanity through non-humans?

My guest today can help with that question. I'm chatting with Leonid Sudakov, the President of Kinship. Kinship is a coalition of brands seeking to bring more to pet care.

Specifically today we explore two pairs of words which have their nuances but within which Leonid sees a strong intersection as part of his work. The first, which titles this show, is humanity and care. Leonid has found that caring for pets enhances one's own humanity, and we delve into that today.

The second is authenticity and meaning. Within that, we explore the intersection in name and then get specific about how certain initiatives within Kinship's four walls like supporting female founders and its broad coalition work) helps to flesh it out in real life.

It turns out Leonid and I have a common connection here, who we chat about briefly. (That's Marc Atiyeh, the founder of Pawp, who has been supported through the Companion Fund which Leonid advises.)

Of course we also cover advice on how to carve your own path to authenticity, through which Leonid shares a personal side to how he found his. Be sure to stay tuned until the end for that.


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