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Attention PBEX Golfers!!

Hi. This is Adam Conner. You know, the one from the promo content and the PBEX videos?

When I'm not slicing a hundred yards into the trees,

I'm running Authentic Avenue, where

I build video content engines for businesses (PBEX, for example!)

so they can put their marketing on autopilot.

And: I have an exclusive offer for you if you read to the end of this.

content engine (n.):

An end-to-end, highly-efficient system for content planning, production and publication which powers a brand's consistent, cross-platform, professional presence in a turnkey fashion.

Authentic Avenue builds content engines capable of

turning an hour of time into a month of content...

or a week of time into a year of content.

PBEX Member & AuthAve Client Example:
Ford Office Technologies

Fun fact: Ford became an Authentic Avenue client shortly after the above interview with Justin Garlow, which you may recognize from the launch of PBEX's original content series, The Exchange.

Every month, Ford Office Technologies brings in Authentic Avenue to service its content engine.

Whether it's to feature its CIO Ed, enhance its support pages with tutorials, or to spread educational content: Ford relies upon Authentic Avenue to maintain a fresh stream of high-quality video for its website and socials.

Plus, it's extremely efficient. In one case, Ford team members spent 19 minutes with Authentic Avenue... and yielded a month of content.

Julie King

Marketing Director

We have been utilizing content in this fashion that Adam Conner filmed for us... 

It has literally been a no-brainer... one idea = 4 weeks of no stress. I highly recommend having a conversation with him at the very least. Thank you for being awesome Adam...

Your thought process and creativity are an integral part of any business’ needs...


I’m glad we got in at the beginning while we can still afford you.

So, about that offer...

PBEX Offer

The first three businesses who see this and sign up with Authentic Avenue will unlock 20% OFF their first year of service.





All you have to do is:

See this page.

Click the button below and book a meeting.

Mention in the notes that you saw this PBEX landing page and want in on the deal.

The first three businesses to start service will unlock the discount.

What are you waiting for?

Let's "exchange" details.

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