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Leading at the Point of Sail

NatureBox, a subscription-based healthy snacks provider servicing corporate employees, sought to expand from a purely B2C commercial approach to include B2B relationship-building, in conjunction with its Office offering. Working directly with NatureBox CEO John Occhipinti, Authentic Avenue was tapped to create a content series which would attract the perspectives of Chief People Officers and CHROS.

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Podcast Artwork 3000x3000 (JPEG).jpg

With Occhipinti serving as host, Leading at the Point of Sail launched as a content-first approach to NatureBox's commercial efforts in early 2021. Authentic Avenue served as an all-in-one production resource, from concept to guest booking to post production and publication. As a result, NatureBox was able to showcase how world-class leaders take care of their people in uncertain environments, and build relationships along the way.

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Here's what John has to say about it:

Authentic Avenue has empowered us to build genuine thought leadership as well as grow relationships with some of the smartest people leaders the world has to offer. Thanks to their production expertise, we are able to provide a top-class podcast experience resulting in content with a high-quality shine. If you're looking to expand your brand through a podcast, I highly recommend partnering with them!​


John Occhipinti

CEO, NatureBox

In May 2022, NatureBox was acquired by HUNGRY to boost its office solution and presence.
“Exclusive access to healthy, better-for-you NatureBox snacks and all these additional capabilities will make HUNGRY Snacks an unbeatable office snacking solution.”

Listen to the execs with whom John built thought leadership below:

Could a content-first approach to building relationships, like Leading at the Point of Sail, work for you?

Authentic Avenue, a full service social media content production firm and digital marketing agency, based in Cranberry PA and proudly serving Pittsburgh and beyond, is here to help.

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