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It Pays to Know

Infinicept, the PayOps™ (payment operations) platform acting as your infrastructure, so you can get embedded payments going your way without doing it all yourself, sought to build industry authority and credibility by conjoining their perspectives with those of top payments and finance executives.

The team called upon Authentic Avenue to create a content series to combine this thought leadership into one stream.

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To build this authority, Authentic Avenue created It Pays to Know, a podcast serving as an extension of Infinicept's newsletter. The podcast features perspectives from senior executives across vertical SaaS, the investment community, payment companies and banks – and listeners learn about what today’s payments pioneers have to say about tomorrow. 

With Infinicept's co-CEOs Deana Rich and Todd Ablowitz serving as host, Authentic Avenue provides all production capabilities as well as guest booking.

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As a result, Infinicept has continued to solidify itself as a true forward thinker in the payments space, and one which throughly envelops the opinions of the financial sector at large into its research, insight, and product offerings.

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Listen to It Pays to Know below:

Could a podcast like It Pays to Know serve as an extension of your brand authority and credibility?

Authentic Avenue, a full service social media content production firm and digital marketing agency, based in Cranberry PA and proudly serving Pittsburgh and beyond, is here to help.

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