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Growth Culture, a cloud-based employee advocacy and lead generation solutions provider, sought to learn how world-class sales leaders build cultures of growth and winning internally prior to turning their development efforts external or otherwise going to market.

Authentic Avenue was called upon to create a content series to capture this thought leadership, and curate relationships with the guests welcomed to share in the experience.

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Growth Culture podcast cover 3000x3000.png

Authentic Avenue built Growth Culture, a podcast bringing together Chief Revenue Officers and other like-minded technology executives to offer their perspectives on how to foster world-class growth and team dynamics, both for their teams and for themselves.

Serving in a full service capacity, responsibilities include asset creation, guest booking, interviewing, post production and publication.

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As a result, three key developments emerged, much to the benefit of

  1. Dedicated built immediate rapport with relationships with large tech companies, directly at the C-suite level, via a precise, content-first, thought leadership approach. And,

  2. Dedicated earned endorsements from top business minds, proudly displayed on Dedicated's online properties. Plus,

  3. Dedicated closed net-new revenue for its business directly through the podcast effort.

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Listen to Growth Culture below:

Having difficulty building rapport with key leaders in your industry? A series like Growth Culture might be your answer.

Authentic Avenue, a full service social media content production firm and digital marketing agency, based in Cranberry PA and proudly serving Pittsburgh and beyond, is here to help.

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