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Choose You Now

Julieanna Hever, known as the Plant-Based Dietitian, is a best-selling author, speaker, dietitian, personal trainer, recipe creator, and an expert in nutrition, food, fitness, health, and wellness. On a journey to find more joy, ease, and grace and to empower others to choose themselves, she employs a Choose You Now mentality, through which one begins from their heart and has the courage to follow their joy no matter what.

Choose You Now podcast cover.jpg

Julieanna called upon Authentic Avenue to produce her podcast, Choose You Now. In it, she interviews some of the world’s most inspiring and influential people - including physicians, authors, entrepreneurs, musicians, and more. It is geared towards people in all walks of life - people who feel excited by the idea of following their joy despite what others around them say. The podcast debuted as a US top 10 program for the Nutrition category, and its content has reached hundreds of thousands worldwide.

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In conjunction with the podcast, Julieanna also published a book, titled The Choose You Now Diet: Lose Weight for the Last Time with a Proven Plan and 75 Delicious, Nutritious Recipes

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Listen to Choose You Now below:

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